Automatic Magnetic Tin Can Rinsing Cleaning Washing Machine

tin can washing machine

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Product Description

tin can washing machine.jpgtin can.jpg

Worker load tin cans on machine inlet, cans go through rails on machine table and sucked by magnetic bar and reverse, can mouth face to floor and pass by water spray from the water source, and then can was sent out the machines. The speed control is by motor speed. Whole machine is made by SUS304.

1, Can inlet side wide range design can allow as many cans loading each time and increase working efficiency;
2, USA tech high efficiency water spray ball can spray water all directions inside cans to increase water using efficiency;
3, Plastic glass cover will stop water to go outside and easy to open for Maintenance;
4, It is easy to design can inlet and outlet direction by design can rail direction;
5, It can connect with filling machine after;
6, Speed easy adjustable by press buttons.
Construction: SUS frames+ magnetic bar + conveyor rail + water spray bar
Applicable can : 1 kind within 0-160mm diameter and tolerance 10mm
Power: 1.1KW
Capacity: 1000-2000BPH
Dimension: 2000*650*1200mm
Weight: 300KG

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