Company History

Beverage industry is an emerging industry developed after the reform and open policy. It was listed as national plan management products in 1982.
The total beverage production is 400000 tons at that time.For more than 20 years, China's beverage industry has begun to take shape, and become
a certain foundation, also can adapt to the market demands of food industry. To be one of the key industries.The rapid development of the beverage
industry made due contributions on construction of national economy and people's quality of life.Drinks had been indispensable food consumption
in people’s daily life.

Beverage equipment comes into being with the production of beverage industry, and with the development of beverage industry. As early as in 1890,
a glass bottle filling machine was created in United States.In 1912 they invented the crown cap capping machine, and then they created a set of
integral filling and capping machine.In the early 20th century, Germany also produced the manual filling machine and capping machine.China as the
world's most populous nation, beverage consumption is also growing.So China beverage machinery manufacturers began to go to the world slowly
at the beginning of the 21st century, and Baiji machinery company is one of them.

  • 2000

    Because of market demand, Zhangjiagang Baiji Machinery Co.,LTD was established. Main equipment is seperated washing filling and capping machine.
    To instead of traditional manual filling and semi-automatic filling.

  • 2005

    In the past of several years, we extended production to water treatment plant, sea water desalination system, and medical use water system, etc. Our technology is in
    a leading level.

  • 2007
    Organize High-End Technical Team

    Baiji Company has organized a high-end technology team, to develop and manufacture high production of water, fruit juice, carbonated drink, oil and other liquid filling and packaging.

  • 2008
    Set Up Import And Export Trade Team

    In 2008, with the opening up of the Chinese market and foreign market demand for filling machinery, in the early 2008, the company set up the import and export trade team, began to develop foreign markets.

  • 2012
    Obtained China National Invention Patent

    In 2012, We developed the latest aseptic cold filling technology, to reduce the customer's material costs, and improved the efficiency of liquid beverage filling and packaging, and obtained the national invention patent in China.

  • 2017
    Turnkey Projects

    In 2017, Baiji machinery rely on a strong technical team and the latest equipment manufacturer technology. Now we devoted to the turn-key project which from 0 to the end of the construction of the whole plant. Baiji machinery focus on customer’s dribs and drabs. We always keep in mind the aim and the ultimate goal of the
    company -- To be the example of beverage manufacturing industry.


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