PET Bottle Concentrate Mango Juice Making Filling Capping Machine Equipment Line

fruit juice 3 in 1 filling machine integrates bottle washing, filling and capping into one monoblock, and the three process are carried out full automatically. It is used in the hot filling of juice and tea beverage. It is equipped with perfect temperature control system, reverse-flow system, automatic cleaning system and control program.

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It is mainly designed for filling hot temperature liquid; For example juice, tea drinks etc which are made of concentrate juice. The final filling temperature will be around 85-90 degree centigrade; Once the thermal meter in juice filling machine is lower than the temperature, juice will be return to sterilizing machine again through return system.

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water treatment system.jpg

Water treatment system

fruit juice blending system.jpg

Juice blending system

CIP system,  Sugar melting tank → syrup filter → mixing tank*2 → juice filter → homogenizer → storage tank → vacuum degasser → storage tank → sugar high temperature sterilizer (UHT sterilizer) → finished tank

pet bottle blowing machine.jpg

Automatic bottle blowing machine

It is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the pure water bottle, mineral water bottle, carbonated drink bottle, juice hot fill bottle and oil bottle etc.

washing filling capping 3 in 1 unit

PET bottled pure mineral water washing filling and capping machine3.jpg

juice hot filling machine.png

juice hot filling machine.png

juice Pasteurization Pasteurizer.jpg


It is usually used after fruit juice beverage finished hot filling and sealing, when enter the spray tunnel, the water with the function of high-pressure pump, uniformly spray on the bottle body. The bottles move slowly in the chain, when they are out the tunnel, they can reach the normal temperature, then achieve the purpose of cooling. This machine can also be used for secondary sterilization for fruit juice.

shrink sleeve labeling machine.JPG

Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine

It consist of auto labeling machine, heat shrink tunnel and steam generator.

This mahcine adopts international advanced technology, cover the circle label on the pet bottle. And then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.

PE film packing wrapping machine.jpg

Automatic PE film wrapping machine

It adopts the photoelectric sensor to detect online, gather signals which are controlled by PLC, and adopts piston as executable element, to realize product conveying, combination, film wrapping, cutting, heat& shrink, cool and finally get the finished product.

ModelCapacity (500ml) (BPH)Power ( kw )Weight ( kg )Dimension ( mm )

concentrate juice beverage filling machine bottling production line CAD factory layout design.pngplastic PET bottle design label.png

Baiji machinery can help you design factory layout, bottle shape, label, etc.


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