3-in-1 PET Bottle Mineral Water Filling Capping Machine Production Line CGF8-8-3 (2000BPH 500ml)

1. CGF8-8-3 water bottling line is 2000BPH for 500ml PET bottle 2. Automatic washing filling and capping machine (3-in-1) 3. SUS304 stainless steel

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water filling production line.jpg

By 3-in-1 monoblock, bottle goes through washing, filling and capping with little abrasion, and the transferring is stable, bottle changing is easier. Specially designed stainless steel bottle gripper dose not contact the thread parts of the bottle neck, avoiding the second contamination. High speed and mass flow filling valve ensures the high filling speed and exact fluid level. parts contacting liquid are all made of excellent stainless steel or food grade engineering plastic. the electric system is from international brand and achieves the national food hygienic standard. the bottle-out starwheel is helical structure. while changing over bottle size. It is no need to adjust bottle-out conveyor height.


water filling machine flow chart.jpg

1, water treatment system

Processing included: quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, precision filter, RO ( Reverse Osmosis ), ozone generator, finished water tank

water treatment system.png

2, automatic bottle blowing machine

It is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the pure water bottle, mineral water bottle, carbonated drink bottle, juice hot fill bottle and oil bottle etc.

pet bottle blowing machine.jpg

3, washing filling capping 3 in 1 unit

PET bottled pure mineral water washing filling and capping machine.jpg

a, washing part

<1> All 304/316stainless steel rinse heads, water spray style inject design, more save water consumption and more clean.

<2> 304/316 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad, ensure minimum bottle crash during washing.

<3> 304/316 stainless steel washing pump.

PET bottled pure mineral water washing filling and capping machine1.jpg

b, filling part

<1> 304 Stainless steel high precision filling nozzle.

<2> Filling volume adjustable in fine rank, same liquid level after filling.

<3> All 304 stainless steel contact parts and liquid tank, fine polish, easy to clean because of no death corner.

<4> 304 stainless steel filling pump system.

PET bottled pure mineral water washing filling and capping machine2.jpg

c, capping part

<1> Place and capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping.

<2> All 304 stainless steel construction.

<3> Automatic stop when lack of bottle, no bottle no capping.

4, heat shrink sleeve labeling machine

It consist of auto labeling machine, heat shrink tunnel and steam generator.

This mahcine adopts international advanced technology,cover the circle label on the pet bottle.And then hot shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.

shrink sleeve labeling machine.jpg

shrink sleeve label.jpg
shrink sleeve label.jpg

5, film shrink wrapper

PE film shrink wrapping machine

It adopts the photoelectric sensor to detect online, gather signals which are controlled by PLC, and adopts piston as executable element, to realize product conveying, combination, film wrapping, cutting, heat& shrink, cool and finally get the finished product.

pe film packing machine.jpg

pe film packing machine.png

Modelwashing headsfilling headscapping headscapacity ( 500ml )power ( kw )weight ( kg )dimension ( mm )


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