Easy Open Carbonated Beverage Aluminum Can Filling Machine

Complete carbonated drink, juice beverage and beer canning filling machine is for manufacturer start from Automatic empty can de-palletizer to Automatic PE film shrink wrapping machine.We offer turn-key plant for complete line with different capacities. The flow chart will be: Automatic empty can de-palletizer---Automatic can washer---Automatic beer can filling-seaming machine---Pasteurizer tunnel---Auto can dryer---Can turning device---Date printer---Can turning device---Automatic PE film shrink wrapping machine.

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Product Description

aluminum can filling production line.png


• This equipment can be used for different material of cans, such as metal tin cans and aluminum cans. Stable performance, not easy to wear out. • Owning a mature canning machine technology, we're expert in all canning ways. • The inlet valve closes once the specified quantity has been reached. While the can is being fed into the filler, the centering unit is raised. • Once the magnetic float in the dosing tank has dropped to the preset switching point, the filling process is ended.

aluminum can filling sealing production line.jpg


Carbonated soft drink mixing system

It can improve the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. It is used in carbonated beverage production line and sparking wine. It is used to cooling the water before mixing which is connected with the mixer.

carbonated soft drink blending system1.jpg

Cans depalletizer

It is designed to handle empty cans from pallets and transfer, layer by layer, onto the production line, replace artifical row of cans and traditional empty cans of unloadin tank machine, can save a lot of artifical,increase production capacity.

aluminum can depalletizer tin can.jpg

2 in 1 filling and sealing machine

can filling part

The pressure mechanical valve is introduced the advanced foreign design with a fast filling speed, no hygiene corner pocket, a few sealing parts, and precise liquid level control. The whole valve is made of 304 stainless steel.

aluminum can carbonated soft drink filling sealing machine.jpg

Can sealing part

Ingenious lid loading device to make sure no can, no lid loading, no sealing;

Full sealing effect make sure to be suitable for liquid packing can;

The machine suitable for all kinds of cans with same diameter, height can be adjusted easily.

aluminum can carbonated soft drink filling sealing machine1.jpg

Aluminum can warmer & PE film wrapping machine

aluminum can warmer, juice Pasteurization.jpg

PE film wrapping packing packaging machine.jpg

PE film wrapping packing packaging machine1.jpg

Technical Specification

Suitable can size(ml)



height 65-190mm


height 70-133mm

Can size200/202/206/209
Filling waywhole machine bottom lifting up, and normal pressure filling
Filling temperature(℃)65℃-95℃ normal temp 
Power source specificationAC380V/50HZ
Overall dimension(mm)2200*1600*22002500*2000*23502850*1800*22003200*2100*2350

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