Aluminum Can Beer Filling Sealing Canning Machine Line

aluminum can craft beer, beer canning machine

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250ml 330ml craft beer aluminum can filling and sealing seaming machine.png

It is suitable for filling and sealing aluminum canned beer and carbonated soft drink.

The machine adopts special filling valve, high power vacuum pump, low vacuum filling principle, filling against the aluminum can wall, no choking, no froth, to ensure the consistency of the liquid level after filling.

craft beer brewing processing system machine.jpg

aluminum can depalletizer depalletizing machine.jpg

Automatic aluminum can depalletizer

It is designed to handle empty cans from pallets and transfer, layer by layer, onto the production line.

aluminum can washing machine.JPG

Aluminum can washing part

It is revolution inclined type can washer.

2000CPH 500ml aluminum can craft beer filling and seaming machine.jpg

aluminum can craft beer filling sealing seaming canning machine.JPG

aluminum can craft beer filling sealing seaming canning machine 1.JPG

aluminum can craft beer filling sealing seaming canning machine 2.JPG

Automatic aluminum can filling and sealing 2 in 1 machine

craft beer, 0-5℃ filling, isobaric filling

We can provide different models filling unit according to your speed needs. Min. 1000cph, Max. 24000cph.









height 65-190mm


height 70-133mm

Can size



Filling way

whole machine bottom lifting up, isobaric filling

Filling temperature(℃ )  0-5℃

aluminum can beer sterilizer tunnel sterilization.jpg

Beer sterilizer

including heating, sterilization and cooling section.

PE film wrapping packing packaging machine.jpg

PE film wrapping machine

To pack several cans into one package, make it easier for delivery.

You can have different group style, 24 cans one package, 12 cans one package, etc. It is changeable.


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