What are the factors that affect the filling effect of beer filling machine (2)

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5. Influence of filling valve on filling effect

At present, the filling equipment of most domestic beer manufacturers adopts mechanical isobaric filling valve. It will break the balance of isobaric filling, and it is easy to cause abnormal filling level; when the return pipe of the filling valve is bent and the umbrella-shaped reflection ring on the return pipe is damaged, it will also affect the normal filling of beer. Therefore, for the filling valve, the processing quality of the parts should be improved. The reasonable sealing form should be designed. The service life of the seal should be improved.

6. Influence of bottleneck air on filling effect

Filling is an important channel for oxygen to invade beer. Therefore, it is also an important part of packaging beer quality. Because beer contains CO 2 gas, it must be pasteurized by a sterilizer after filling, so the wine in the bottle should not be filled too much, so as to avoid the temperature of the beer rising during pasteurization and the escape of CO 2 gas . When enough buffer space is reached, the pressure in the bottle rises sharply, which further bursts the bottle. Therefore, the full bottle volume of 640ml bottled beer is 670m1. There is a 30ml neck volume. If the 30ml neck space is occupied by air, the oxygen in the air will have a damaging effect on the flavor of the beer in the bottle. Therefore, we must try to get rid of the air in the neck. . By configuring a high-pressure foaming device before capping, the high-pressure sterile water can excite the beer foam and drive away the air in the neck of the beer, so that the foam in the beer overflows the bottle mouth by about 1cm. After measurement, when the upper part of the neck contains rough beer foam, the air content in the neck is about 7ml, and when it contains finer foam and escapes the mouth of the bottle, the air content in the neck is about 1-2ml. In order to ensure that the bottle neck air does not exceed 2m1, the pressure of the high-pressure shock water should be automatically adjusted. According to the relationship between the shock water pressure and the filling speed obtained from the test, it is realized by PLC control.

7. The influence of other factors on the filling effect

Other factors that affect the filling effect are the degree of vacuum. When the degree of vacuum is low, the amount of oxygen added after the beer is filled will increase. Excessive dissolved oxygen will have a great impact on the taste of beer. Therefore, we generally pass The secondary vacuuming keeps the vacuum degree above 90% .

Through the above analysis, we can control and improve the key points of the beer filling machine from the design point of view, and provide more filling equipment for beer manufacturers.


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