Can filling machine system process requirements

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In order to meet customers' demands for multi-variety, high-precision, and environmentally friendly can filling machines, the development of filling production technology requires us to do the following:

  1. It should be able to fill quickly under the premise that the filling accuracy is higher than 0.5%, such as the third-generation can filling machine-servo filling machine;

  2. The whole production line can adapt to filling from 1 to 5000 ml volume packaging, and can be filled in a single barrel, so that the loss of oil products during switching is reduced to a lower level;

  3. It should have high mobility and adaptability, so that the equipment replacement time is shorter and the operation is simple, and it has a more user-friendly operation;

  4. It is required to have the function of automatically adjusting the filling amount according to the product temperature, and the operation automation degree is high;

  5. It has network function, which can be centrally monitored after connecting each equipment of the production line to the network, and can be connected with the production management system to improve the management efficiency of production and equipment;

  6. Ensure that there is no leakage and splashing during the oil filling process, and meet the environmental protection requirements of the HSE system.


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