Semi Automatic 5 Gallon Water Bottle Decapping Washing Machine

This machine is used for the recovery and cleaning of five-gallon barrels. The machine is cleaned at the same time for the inner and outer walls of the barrel, and the machine has the function of pulling out the cover. It is easy to operate and is an ideal equipment for many small water plants.

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Product description


BS-1 cap remove and brusher and rinsing machine.

Mainly for recycled bucket, barrel, inside & outside brushing, ensure the products clear.

This machine equipped motor, brush, water pump, and heater for hot water.

This machine cover by limit switch control. Open the cover machine stop work. It is safety for worker.


Worker put used barrels in right side of de-capper position, with the neck inserting into the hole, worker foot press pedal to release cap off neck. And then worker need to take barrels to insert into left side of the machine-washing position. After the barrels putting in, the window need to be closed. Then the washer will be started by itself.


Technical parameter

Materialstainless steel 304
Brusher pump0.37kw
Rinsing pump0.37kw
Motor power0.75kw
Suitable products3-5 gallon
Capacity200-300 pcs per hour

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