High Speed Automatic Carton Box Palletizer Palletizing Machine For Beverage

According to a certain order, palletizer stacks the packed products(in box, bag, bucket) to the corresponding empty pallets through a series of mechanical actions so as to facilitate handling and transporting batches of products to improve production efficiency. Meanwhile it can use stack layer pad to improve the stability of each stack layer. Various forms designed to meet different palletizing requirements.

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Product Description

finished product carton box palletizer.jpg

Palletizer can put packed product to pallet and stack, then push out it in order that forklift can carry it to warehouse. This machine adopts touch screen control, realizers intelligent operation management, simple, easy to master, can greatly reduce labor personnel and reduce the labor intensity. And adopt high speed, smooth, space-saving design. One machine is multi-purpose, adjust quickly and no need to worry about replacement for product.



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finished product carton box palletizer2.jpg

Stack speed40 cartons per minute, 4-5 layers per min
Height of carton case>100mm
Max. carrying capacity/layer150kg
Max. carrying capacity/palletMax 1500kg
Max. stack height1800mm
Installation power15.3kw
Air pressure≥0.6mpa
Consumption of air600L/min
Size of the palletaccording to your requirement

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