Fully Automatic Grab Type Carton Box Packing Machine

According to the different shape characteristics of the product, the tailor-made bottle grasping mechanism, each specification of the product adopts the corresponding bottle grasping mechanism for the bottle grasping work. The bottle grabber group is designed to be a mechanical grabber head, and the bottle mouth contact place is made of high-strength plastic shell, and there is no damage to the bottle when grabbing the bottle mouth.

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Product Description

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It is suitable for carton box packing process of water, juice, carbonated drink, beverage, oil, etc production line, and also suitable for bottle/cans shape products carton box packing work in other industries. 

According to different bottle shape, bottle grasper is specially designed, airbag style grasper head, no injury to bottles, no bottles falling and low air consumption, bottler grasping is driven by up-down and side moving servo motors, that means there is designed height difference for bottle grasping area and box filling part for different bottle.


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Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Suitable carton sizeL200-500*W180-400*H50-250
Packing speed15-25 cases/min
Applicationwater, fruit juice, carbonated drink, wine, cooking oil, etc.
Containerplastic PET bottle, glass bottle, aluminum can, etc.

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