Fully Automatic Shampoo Soap Liquid Laundry Detergent Filling Capping Labeling Machine

detergent liquid, shampoo, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, shower gel and so on

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Product Description

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This series of automatic servo piston filling machine is extremely flexible filler,  is capable of filling accurately and rapidly any viscous material,such as detergent liquid, shampoo, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, shower gel and so on. It adopts PLC and touch screen control panel for control material. It is also suitable for the filling of easy volatilization, easy bubbly liquid strong corrosive liquid for rubber, plastic, and high viscosity, liquid, semi-liquid.
Detailed images

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Linear type filling machine

No bottle no filling, accurate of filling volume, it has a counting function at the same time when filling. Pneumatic-control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately, with high filling precision. Filling equipped with leakage-collecting device, ensuring no phenomena of the dripping and leakage.

Filling heads6812
Bottle volume50ml-5L
Capacity ( 5L )100018002000
Filling accuracy±3g

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Inline capping machine & adhesive stick labeling machine

We manufacture many different types of automatic capping machines according customer caps shape, like spray caps and round caps.

Automatic adhesive stick labeling machine for square bottles or flat shape of things off the side of the bottle labels, which can be applied in many industries for automatic labeling and other irregular shape of the bottles.

blow molding machine.jpg

Extrusion blow molding machine


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