Reasons and troubleshooting methods for the failure phenomenon of the can beverage production line

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How to operate the can beverage production line normally? These problems have become the more important use knowledge of the can beverage production line. Next, I will briefly talk about the causes and troubleshooting methods of the can beverage production line.

1. Fault phenomenon: After the machine is turned on, the LCD screen of the display controller does not appear.

Cause of failure: whether the power socket has electricity; whether the power plug is dropped; the fuse is loose or blown.

Troubleshooting: Re-insert the plug; reinstall or replace the fuse; note that the fuse needs to be selected according to the requirements on the specification.

Note: It is necessary to check and confirm what caused the blown fuse.

2. Failure phenomenon: the pump wheel rolls, but cannot transport liquid.

Cause of failure: The hose is not pressed in place; the hose is damaged and leaks.

Troubleshooting: Adjust the conditioning screw on the pump head cover; replace the hose with a new one.

3. Failure phenomenon: The hose slides to one side along with the roller when working.

Cause of failure: The hose is not fixed properly.

Troubleshooting: Connect the hose with a tee and hang it on the fixing screw or snap it with a pipe clip.

4. Fault phenomenon: After starting the machine, the display screen shows correctly, and the indication is running, but the pump wheel does not rotate.

Causes of failure: The roller in the pump head is stuck; the no-bottle filling stop line is not connected or the level is wrong; the drive circuit board is broken.

Troubleshooting: Install the pump head as required; connect the no-bottle stopper line and make it the correct level; check the circuit board for problems.

Note: The maintenance of the circuit board is better to be repaired by the supplier or company.


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