Maintenance steps of can filling machine in winter

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Maintenance steps of can filling machine in winter

1. External inspection: check the integrity of the door frame, deal with the traces after corrosion, whether the hinge is damaged; clean the pipeline, clean the material box, clean the float level gauge, clean the platform, and clean the chain.

2. Maintenance of filling head: the in-line type is Baode valve plug; the plug of piston filling machine is internal plugging type (if the stainless steel round mouth is damaged, the plugging will not be tight, and the round mouth should also be paid attention to when disassembling. Whether it is damaged); the cylinder is clean, check whether the spring is intact, and finally drip into the cylinder special lubrication.

3. Three-way valve maintenance: three-way valve sealing ring; clean the cylinder, check whether the spring is intact, and then drip it into the special lubricant for the cylinder.

4. PTFE tube: Replace the corroded clamp, and replace the leaking PTFE tube.

5. Screw fixing parts, etc.: replace the corroded ones, fix the screws of the knife, disassemble and descale the cylinder of the knife, clean and fix the liquid receiving plate, install the liquid receiving pipe and lock it with clips.

6. Electrical circuit: tidy and tidy, replace the electromagnetic valve with unstable measurement, check whether the wire connector is in good contact and insulation, check whether there is any trace of overcurrent on the appearance of the contactor, check whether the screw of the float level gauge is loose and operates Is the interval correct.


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