Juice Filling Production Line Solutions

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We will go from the preparation to how you make the bottle, how you choose your filling equipment, how you package and design the product to the end. Our home state pick-up can provide a complete solution for the bottling plant, including blow molding machines, water treatment system, cleaning filling and capping machine, inkjet printer, automatic labeling machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic palletizer system. Bagel beverage machinery specializing in liquid filling and packaging will always have a solution for your project. Your success is our mission.

The first part of Baiji Machinery's juice filling production line is the water pretreatment equipment used to produce purified water, mineral water and other bottled juice beverages and alcoholic water.

It mainly consists of the following equipment: pretreatment system (water tank, medium filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, microporous filter), membrane separation system (ultrafilter, nanofilter, RO system), electrodialysis unit , sterilization system (ultraviolet equipment, ozone equipment), product water tank, etc.

Blow Molding Machine

We provide blow molding machines with an output of 1,000-24,000bph and support 0.25-2L PET bottles; widely used in the production of carbonated bottles, juice, oil bottles, wide-mouth bottles, hot-fill bottles, etc.; the human-machine interface is highly automated, easy to operate, and The bottle scrap rate is less than 0.2%. The compact machine has a small footprint; the simple slide-in method of mold installation allows the operator to easily change molds within 30 minutes.

The core part of the entire production line: the filling machine

The production capacity of the filling production line is usually 1,000-36,000 bottles per hour, which can provide 0.25-2.5L PET bottles; the interchangeability is good, and the filling material can be replaced by replacing a small number of spare parts. The automatic water filling machine adopts three-in-one technology of rinsing, filling and capping, PLC control, touch screen and other key electrical components adopt Mitsubishi, Omron and Siemens PLC and touch screen equipment;

The filling accuracy of the entire production filling line is about 1%, and the yield is high; we can provide you with a complete ideal solution for beverages - blow molding, filling and packaging of PET bottles.

Labeling machine, shrink sleeve labeling machine

Mainly used for cylindrical, square or other special shapes of container labels for detergents, beverages, juices, food, etc. The labeling machine is controlled by PLC touch screen, and all electric eyes adopt imported advanced configuration. High speed, high precision and stable performance. Easy to operate and looks great.

Label labeling machine

Automatic self-adhesive labels. You can choose one side tab, two side tabs or three side tabs. This labeling machine can be used for both plastic bottles and glass bottles.

Shrink wrapping machine plastic film packaging machine

1. Small footprint and low energy consumption.

2. Low operating cost.

3. Efficient and stable, easy to operate.

4. Imported PLC control, quality assurance.


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