Water Treatment RO System Machine Reverse Osmosis

Application of drinking water treament machine: pure water, mineral water and other bottled water, water for food and beverage production.

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Product Description


How can i get suitable models for water treatment system?

Please tell us your raw water, it is better to have a water quality report, your requirement about capacity. More details are much appreciated. Then we will make a professional proposal with suitable models for you.

Working process:

Raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → sodium ion exchanger → precision filter → RO ( reverse osmosis ) → finished pure water tank


RO system1.jpg



Reverse Osmosis is the device that uses semi-permeable membrane under the pressure difference's function's function to make the sale water desalination and purification. It is on the contrary of natural direction, so it is called reverse osmosis. It can remove more than 97% solubility of salts in the water and more than 99% of the gel, micro-organisms, and particulate organic matter and so on, can reach the national standards totally after treatment by this device. It is the first choice equipment of purified water. RO usually had I and II.


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