Semi Automatic Plastic PET Bottle Collecting Sorting Unscrambling Unscrambler Machine

The plastic pet bottle unscrambler machine is used in ordering disordered polytler bottles, the disordered bottles are carried into the storing bottle section of the ordering bottle machine, with the help of the pushing force of the rotating disk, the bottle are ordered into Bottle mouth-up-position and are carried into the next process with the air-transfering type conveying bottle system.

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Product Description

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Semi auto bottle unscrambler is to disperse plastic PET bottles in disorder and arrange them regularly on the conveyor belt to meet the requirements of high automation.The function of the bottle arranging machine is to sort out the disorderly piled beverage bottles and arrange them on the conveyor belt in order and in a high-speed and efficient way to transfer them to other machines for the next process (such as filling, labeling, packing, etc.), so as to improve the production efficiency of the whole production line.


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