Fruit Bubble Washing Cleaning Machine Equipment

The fruit washing machine is used to wash fruits and vegetables in large quantities. It is an important equipment for fruit pretreatment, which ensures the cleanliness of raw materials and final products. It is suitable for a variety of fruits, such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples, lychees, kiwis, etc. Generally, fruit washing machines can be divided into fruit foam washing machines, fruit brushes and spray washing machines.

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Product Description

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Introduction of fruit bubble washer machine:

1. BAIJI fruit bubble washer machine and fruit peeling and extracting machine are highly consistent.

2. The water tank, elevator frame and cleaning tank are made of 1.5 mm stainless steel, and the drive shaft adopts 1Cr13 high quality stainless steel.

3. There is a circulating water pump, and high pressure water is used for washing the fruit.

4. The specially designed surfing and bubbling can ensure thorough cleaning of fruits and reduce the damage to fruits.

5. BAIJI fruit bubble washer machine adopts air stirring to quickly clean the fruit and protect the integrity of the fruit.

6. With advanced technology, our fruit bubble washing machine is water-saving and energy saving. The washing water can be recycled after filtration.

7. The washed fruits are sent to the lifting device to enter the next level.

8. The control system adopts the technology of frequency control and seamless handover, PCL automatic control, which can achieve the coordination of downstream equipment. The operation is stable and the noise is less than 80 decibels.


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Working principle of fruit bubble washer machine:

The blower blows the air out and keeps the water spinning, so the water flows quickly, scours the surface of the fruit and washes the dirt. Fruit bubble washer machine adopts air stirring and does not destroy the integrity of the fruit. After cleaning the fruits, they are sent to the elevator. In order to avoid secondary pollution and get more sanitary fruits, the dirt and sand of the washing materials are sent to the receptive tank at the bottom of the fruit washing machine.

Technical Specification
Production capacity2-10 T/H
Power of elevating device2.2 KW
Elevating angle30° / 35°
Voltage380V / 220V

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