Automatic Milk Juice Drink High Pressure Homogenizer

It is used for homogenizing and emulsifying fruit pulp, effectively preventing precipitation.

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When granules are flowing through the adjustable valve in a high speed, the particle present in mixed fluids with high pressure will be subdivided into the very smallest sizes(Dia=0.01-2um,average<1um) because of high speed impacting, cutting expansion to explosion for pressure decrease etc, this physics process can protect the active quality. Then the stable emulsions are produced.

Main function of homogenizer include: improve homogeneity and stability of products, increase the period of maintenance and reduce reaction time, so as to save the mass of activator and color.

Type: Our homogenizer are all horizontal construction which advantage is good stability and easy to operate, maintain and repair .

Saving energy: Our homogenizer is based on low energy waste and high efficiency designing which has clear effect at the same producing condition.

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