Automatic Glass Bottle Glass Bottle Juice Liquid Drink Filling And Capping Machine

The machine for glass bottle integrates the function of rinsing, filling and capping together. Based on advanced technology overseas, and designed according to room filling processing demands of non-carbonated juice, tea, vitamin drinks and functional drinks to be one of the advanced room filling production line.

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Product Description

glass bottled fruit juice washing filling and capping machine.jpg

We supply complete solution for glass bottled juice filling line, including Water treatment system / Juice mixing system / UHT Sterilizer / Washing filling capping machine / Pasteurization / Bottle dryer / Adhesive stick labeling machine / Code sprayer / Automatic carton box packing machine / Automatic Palletizer system.

glass bottle juice_副本_副本.png


glass bottle depalletizer.jpg

Empty glass bottle depalletizer

3 in 1 washing filling and capping machine

glass bottled fruit juice filling capping bottling machine.jpg

glass bottled fruit juice washing filling and capping machine.JPG

glass bottled fruit juice filling and capping bottling machine1.JPG

glass bottled fruit juice filling and capping machine.jpg

fruit juice Pasteurization tunnel.jpg

Pasteurization tunnel

adhesive stick labeling machine.jpg

Stick labeling machine

carton box packing packaging machine.jpg

carton box packing packaging machine1.jpg

Carton box packing machine

Technical Specification

Filling temperature85℃ hot filling
Washing heads14182432
Filling heads12182432
Capping heads5688


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