Automatic Glass Bottle Beer Filling Bottling Machine Máquina De Llenado De Cerveza

Beer Bottle Filling Machine Washing-filling-capping 3-in-1unit is used to produce glass bottled beer with pull ring cap. The BCGF series of 3 in 1 monobloc rinisng, vacuum filling, capping machine adopts advanced technologies of double evacuations before filling and high pressure hot water injection system after Beer filling. These technologies remarkably reduce oxygen content in bottle beer, improve taste of beer much. They have been widely used in glass bottle beer filling machine technology in the world.

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1. With high precision mechanical filling valves, our BGF beer washing filling capping 3-in-1 unit stops vacuumizing when there are no bottles.

2. The BGF beer washing filling capping 3-in-1 unit is equipped with external mechanical valve, inside which there is no spring or sealing element.

3. With high pressure frothing device, it is capable of double vacuum-pumping.

4. The BGF beer washing filling capping 3-in-1 unit makes use of combined transmission by open gear and gearbox, and adopts frequency conversion stepless speed control, extending the speed modulating scope.

5. The machine has an automatic lubricating device so that the lubrication points can be automatically lubricated regularly in time. Also, our BGF beer washing filling capping 3-in-1 unit has high transmission efficiency, low noise and long life.

6. In case of the blowout due to poor quality of the bottles during gas or beer filling, the filling valve will automatically close and the auto-cleaning device will work to treat the broken bottles.

7. With a full stainless steel magnetic hopper, the unscrambling, feeding and discharging of crown caps are all performed by magnetic force. The caps are free from deforming, and can flow smoothly in large quantities during transmission.

8. The capper has the function of automatic deloading, which helps lower the bottle breakage.

9. For the centering guide of our BGF beer washing filling capping 3-in-1 unit, we adopt double guide-bar mechanism, with the function of pre-covering which allows stable and reliable bottle transferring.

10. The movement of the wine jars and capping heads is driven by electricity in order to fit bottles of different sizes.

11. The material height in the tank is controlled by electric probe so as to ensure precise liquid level and reliable filling.

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1) washing part

Rotatory bottle-rinsing machine has the functions of not opening the valve and rinsing without bottle, which is working from bottle entrance,bottle transportation,bottle clipping,bottle turning around with synchronously rinsing inside of the bottle to water-dropping and exit have the functions of not opening the valve and rinsing without bottles.

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2) filling part

Adopting the way of filling by holding the necks of the bottle, plus the function of pre-cover of the centralizing cover with high precise centralization,which ensure the right seating of mouth of the bottle and filling valve,with low liquid loss.

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3) capping part

This series of Automatic Glass Bottle Beer Filling Machine can meet the filling-sealing requirements of different sealing manners for crown cap /screw cap or others.

Adopting crowning the caps with magnetic force,which passes the torque with powerful and constant magnet,and the torque can be adjusted to meet the need of many kind of caps.

The complete filling process will be as below:

①, The replacement valve is linking with air drum, CO2 inside air drum enter bottles via replacement valve. The gas inside bottle now is mixing with CO2 and air.

②, Air exhausting valve is opened via cam to exhaust the mixed gas.

③, Refill CO2 into bottle again.

④, Operation valve open, after the pressure between cylinder and bottle is equal, the filling process starts, when the filling level reach air returning pipe, filling stops, filling valves closed.

⑤, After filling process finishing, before filling valves leaving bottles, air exhausting valve exhaust extra gas, then filling valves leave bottle neck, filling process finishes.

craft beer sterilizer sterilization tunnel.JPG

Beer sterilizer, including heating, sterilization and cooling section.

adhesive stick labeling machine sticker.jpg

Automatic adhesive stick labeling machine

We have different model for your different request, such as single side labeling machine, double sides labeling machine and three sides labeling machine.

grab type carton box packing packaging machine case packer.JPG

Automatic carton box packing machine

To pack several bottles into one package, make it easier for delivery.

You can have different group style, 24 bottles one package, 12 bottles one package, etc. It is changeable.

Applicationcraft beer / pasteurized beer
Filling wayisobaric filling
Suitable bottle size(mm)H=170-320, D=50-100 (330-1500ml)

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