Automatic Glass Bottle Craft Beer Bottling Filling Machine Line Price

Beer Bottle Filling Machine Washing-filling-capping 3-in-1unit is used to produce glass bottled beer with pull ring cap. The BCGF series of 3 in 1 monobloc rinisng, vacuum filling, capping machine adopts advanced technologies of double evacuations before filling and high pressure hot water injection system after Beer filling. These technologies remarkably reduce oxygen content in bottle beer, improve taste of beer much. They have been widely used in glass bottle beer filling machine technology in the world.

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It is mainly used for beer and craft beer. The final filling temperature is low. The machine design is shorten the time for the drink material contact with outside, increase the sanitation condition throughout economy benefit.

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empty glass bottle depalletizer depalletizing machine.jpg

Automatic empty bottle depalletizer

It is mainly used for empty containers like empty glass botttle, empty cans. The machine is composed of conveyor system, pad sucking unit, depalletizing unit, mainframe, pallet collecting and storage unit, container transferring conveyor belt and pad storage system.

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Automatic Beer Glass Bottle Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 Machine ( Monoblock Type )

It can work for different size bottle from 200ml to 2000ml, but do make sure the same cap. Actually, we can provide different models filling unit according to your speed needs. Min. 2000-3000bph, Max. 30000bph.

craft beer sterilizer sterilization tunnel.jpg

Beer sterilizer, including heating, sterilization and cooling section.

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Automatic adhesive stick labeling machine

We have different model for your different request, such as single side labeling machine, double sides labeling machine and three sides labeling machine.

We have various kinds of options, like PVC sleeve label, OPP hot glue label, adhesive stick label, cold glue paper label and so on.

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Automatic carton box packing machine

To pack several bottles into one package, make it easier for delivery.

You can have different group style, 24 bottles one package, 12 bottles one package, etc. It is changeable.

We have various kinds of options, like PE film, carton box, film with cardboard, film with tray package and so on.

Applicationcraft beer / pasteurized beer
Filling wayisobaric filling
Suitable bottle size(mm)H=170-320, D=50-100 (330-1500ml)
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Baiji machinery can help you design factory layout, bottle shape, label, etc.


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