Should multi-function beverage filling machine pay attention before each use?

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Multifunctional beverage filling machine. It can be used for filling carbonated drinks, soda water, salt soda and other soft drinks, but also can be used for filling fruit drinks, pure water and other non-soft drinks. It is a new filling machine with multiple functions and high practicability.


Attention should be paid to the beverage filling machine before each use:

Please read the product manual carefully to avoid personal injury and damage to the machine. First of all, the following safety regulations must be observed:

1. The device must be securely grounded.

2. Non-professional technicians are not allowed to repair the machine.

3. When cleaning the machine, do not rinse the electric control cabinet directly with water.

4. Only when the safety devices (such as protective doors) are in normal working state, the machine can be started and run, and these devices must not be cancelled or disabled.

5. When starting the machine, the operator shall check all the areas of the moving parts. There shall be no foreign bodies which may damage the machine in these areas.

6. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to reach into the filling area and other moving parts area.

7. When cleaning, maintaining or repairing the machine, the air source and power supply must be cut off.

8. If the machine safety facilities are damaged or out of order, the operator should report it in time.

9. It is strictly prohibited to work for a long time without material in the cylinder.

10. During the stop of production, the main power and air source of the machine shall be cut off.

11. The transportation or use of the machine may cause the screws to loosen.

12. Please check whether the circuit is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it.

13. Please check whether there is leakage in the pipe of the beverage filling production line, and replace it if damaged.

14. The tank is filled with solution, whether it is proportionally deployed, whether the chlorine dioxide box is longer than the prescribed time, and if it is longer than the prescribed time, it needs to be replaced.


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